Religious Freedom? – The Real Meaning Of Religion In The Past

In the world before the modern era, “religion” still exists in Europe and Asia, people have lived in it. Of course, we also carry out a funeral if people die, we also visit a grave.


There is still such a religion, but the religion used to be a completely different thing


As the word “religious freedom” exists, individuals can freely choose modern religion, but former religion was the world in which people lived. It was life itself. It was even integrated with people’s lives.


The Latin word “religion” is the etymology of the word “religion”. There is a nuance of institutionalized religion. In other words, religion was not “what individuals believe”, but “what the community they belong to, believe”.


Because it is the community life way itself, there is no doubtful persuasive power for people living there. Therefore, the question itself “what I should believe” can not exist. It can be said that this was a very happy state.


Because you do not have to wonder about everything you encounter in your life, or you do not have to find out the meaning of your life.


For example, why was I born? Why am I happy? Why did it get sick? Why should we respect people? Why do I have to work? What is death?…


In response to these things, the world prepared answers in advance. It automatically provided the meaning to life. In other words, it is like a fetus protected by a film in the womb of a mother, living with nutrition.


Therefore, former people were able to end their life with a sense of satiety to some extent without much feeling of hunger such as “what was my life about?”


Now we say that “people in those days were living in superstitions” or “They are unfortunate because they had no individual freedom”. But that’s just afterthoughts


Those people were not necessarily unhappy.






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  1. The origin may also be relegere or religare. Religare: from old French, it refers to the connection between people and God, therefore coming back to the community and its belief, as you wrote.


  2. I’m envious of people who can follow the religion they were born in! A lot of them do seem at peace. My family is Christian, but I just can’t feel what they feel. I’ve basically been an atheist since I was a little kid, even though I’ve tried several times to believe.
    I had to accept that it’s something I can’t force, and that I was just trying to fit in to feel more like part of the family. I just have to deal with being a black sheep.

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