The Meaning Of Working

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An Era The Meaning Of Working Became Hard To Realize

The young generation living in the present society will postpone to start working after graduation or,  they will quit their job soon even if they found a job. And many adults say that “Recent young people have lost their perseverance”, “They quit soon as their tolerance is lower”  etc.


But I don’t think it’s that simple. The real reason I think of is that it’s getting harder to feel the meaning of working.


In the age of high economic growth, it seems easy for men to realize “meaning of working”. They worked hard to live a better life so as not to lose to developed countries, and to give a good education to their children.


It was a pleasure for them and their family to work with their whole heart and get promoted. Fathers who worked super hard was respected by their family for its his work and mothers were able to concentrate on protecting their house.


Which is to say, “to work for the world and the company” = “their own promotion” = “the happiness of their family” all matched pretty much at that time. Men were able to push towards a clear target.


An extreme example is the war era. Men didn’t have a moment to think about little things but they all had one clear goal to fight for their country.


If there is a meaning, we human beings will work hard. Just like everybody in Japan were trying to help each other in the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Even if it was a disaster, there should have been many people felt something good because of that.


Especially in a peaceful country like Japan, it’s even harder to feel the meaning of working, not just that but the meaning of life itself.



A spirit of Chisoku(知足)

知足 means to be satisfied with what you have, or not asking too much in Buddhism. One of the most important motto of my life.


Not on purpose but the young generation unconsciously feeling this “Chisoku” that they don’t want or need a car, their own house or expensive clothes etc.. (they don’t even earn enough money to afford anyway)


They rather choose to have more free time than working so hard everyday that they can’t do anything they want. That’s why there are many part-time workers and NEET(Not currently being Employed, Educated or Trained). They earn much less but they are ok with that.


Old generation look at it and immediately go like “slacker!” but that’s the proof they know nothing. It looks totally natural if you look at this fact of our society now. They are making a smart choice from their own perspective.


It’s also connected to minimalism and anti-capitalism that we have too many things around us that we cannot consume any more. Things we used to dream to have them but once we have it all, we don’t know what to chase after.


Of course it doesn’t mean I agree with that the young generation don’t have passion to working. What I mean is, it’s just a phenomenon caused by the change of society.


How to find our own value(the meaning) ?

I’d like to talk about that later on.


Thank you for reading 🙂



Happy new year everyone!


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