One Of Meaning Of Reading Books

Nowadays, young generation (especially college students) is staying away from reading books. It became a big social issue. College students’ average daily reading time is 24.4 minutes, which is the lowest ever. 49.1% answered “0 minutes”.


Why Don’t They Read Books?

One of the biggest reason is that everybody is insanely into smartphone or computers. When it comes to Japanese college students, they say they don’t have enough time.


I mean there is no doubt they don’t have time since they are busy for part time job skipping their classes which cost much more than how much they earn. I know it, because I used to do that lol


But even when they are busy, “0 minutes” is an abnormal circumstance.



Difference Between Books And Internet

There is an essential difference between books and the Internet. Books are “read through”, Internet is “search” and “quote”. We began to read only the necessary parts of sentences on the internet.


It is impossible to think that all sentences on the net are read through like books. In the first place, sentences on the net are written on the premise that people click on and fly to everywhere. This blog … well I don’t really have the premise itself lol


It means, the Internet is merely “information”, while the book is “spirit”.


Meaning of Reading Books

Here I need to say, for people who don’t like reading and not only that but criticize book lovers, that book is not all about reading.


I recently bought a new car and there was thick instruction in the car. But I didn’t have a look at it for a while because I just wanted to start driving and figure out how to use everything.


After a while, I remembered that I have instructions so I took it into my house and read it carefully. Then there was many things I didn’t know and some of the fact actually made my car life better.


I was a bit confident that I can figure all out and there aren’t any useful information.


This story is pretty much the same with to read books. You don’t need it to live your life but it makes it better (much better than the case of my car). Here is the important thing, whether you have experience already or not.


If you do, you can immediately “understand” what’s written. If not, you can learn it and use it to do something about it when it’s time in real life.


Those who reads and act like they know better or look down on people are 100% fool, but those who use the knowledge to make their real life better are the real book lovers.


(This was about books in general. There are many types or genres of book but I’d like to mention it in another post.)



Thank you for reading 🙂






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