How To Work/Study Much Better With BGM

I remember when I was still a student, I had a AM/FM cass(AM/FM radio and cassette player) that I shared with my family. I was listening to my favorite music I recorded by myself while studying.


My mom told me “You can’t even focus on studying while listening to music”. At that time I didn’t really put effort to do the experiment to know if it’s true or not.


But now I know for sure that I can work much better with BGM.


Power Of Music

Music softens a feeling of tension and has the effect of lowering fatigue. There are people who end up not being able to concentrate for some reason at places like library which is so quiet.


But this is totally natural and complete silence increases a feeling of tension and decrease our concentration. But of course it doesn’t mean any kind of music is effective.


Sorry, my scrawled note.


Many of you might already know the best is healing music or classical music which are without lyrics. Though I think it’s ok it has lyrics as long as it’s the language you don’t understand.


As far as I can say, music you can comfortably ignore would be good to have as BGM.


Why Do We Feel Comfortable At The Cafe?

It’s everywhere in the world but there are many people studying and working at cafe. Now many freelancers opening MacBook Air, I didn’t want to be one of them so I sold my own MacBook and stop working at the cafe any more lol I only read books there.


Anyways, the reasons why you can concentrate on what you’re working on at the cafe are …

  1. They always play music I was just talking about
  2. It’s a different situation from your own house where you have your bed and go lazy at any time you want
  3. There are other people who can see you(they are not looking at you but it’s a feeling of being looked at) and it kinda disciplines you.
  4. Ambience to be surrounded by others. There are also people who study/work and their “vibes” make others around them concentrate.


If you want to concentrate on something except playing video games, get out of your house and go to a good cafe(it’s also, in fact, hard to find a suitable one).


When I have a big serious job on my PC, I rather stay home though.


Thank you for reading 🙂





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