The Purpose Of Communication



“I got it”


If you were said that by someone when you are, for instance, explaining something to somebody. It’s not really a good feeling, is it.


The purpose of communicating with others should be “to understand each other”. But it’s also bizarre why we feel not good or sometimes bad when the other says they understand what you mean. Especially in Japanese, it sounds worse as far as I feel.


What we really want to hear from the other is not “I got it (so shut up)” but “I still don’t understand(so tell me more)”.


Communication is certainly a desire to understand each other. But the communication ends once it’s understood.


Desiring to understand but we cannot reach to that point… We try to protract to be hanging in midair between. That’s what we actually hope.


As I have been saying, people change every single second because we are not information which never change. This is actually good when it comes to communicating with others.


Even when you thought you understood that person, he could be thinking in a different way. Or even while talking, both are actually changing because of communication itself.


The conclusion is that it’s never be understood and that’s what we actually hope anyway.


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