Meaning Of Working

If you think about the essential reason why you work for living, that would all depend on “to undertake it when somebody needs help” . There are people who needs help, so you do it for them and you get paid, super simple.


Consequently,  an attitude like “self-search” or “the job which suits me” are actually a selfish way of thinking. You can quit your job when you cannot stand “by any possibility” like you have to kill yourself, then that’s fine.


There are two types of jobs.  A job which is needed, and not needed. Of course, there are millions of jobs between. Jobs like life-saving are, needless to say, needed. The primary sector of industry especially like agriculture is also very important.


It’s exactly like this. There is a hole and people cannot cross there. So you fill it up. On another front, there is nothing wrong but you land up and people are crossing but making it harder to walk. Necessary jobs and unnecessary job.


For example I’m a teacher. It’s not necessary for Japanese people to learn English to survive at all. I personally even think it’s ridiculous that Japanese government have decided that they will start teaching English at junior school.


So then why I am teaching it as a part of my job. The biggest reason would be that I’m simply good at it which I cannot really be proud of because it’s not a skill I got by putting efforts.  I already had that skill, and  fortunately there was a chance for me to get that job.


But I’m still seeking for jobs which are “really” needed. Volunteer works are without getting paid for sure. You shouldn’t die in a ditch to do that. Maybe what I’m talking about is somewhere between.


We are the arrow thing in the car navigation. We are not the world itself. The arrow only let us know where we are – what we can do for the world. But if you mistake that truth and think you are the world… that’s what’s happening everywhere on Earth.


It doesn’t mean sacrificing all of yourself for others. It’s only about knowing a simple truth of the world I guess.




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