Spinning In The Air

If you try to live in a modern society properly, you will probably miss your chance to live your life.


I heard a funny story from one of my friend who is a doctor. He told me that there is a 90 years old patient and he says he doesn’t wanna die yet. 90 years for god’s sake. What on Earth has he been doing for all of his life?


You would postpone everything like “If I do it this way, it’ll turn out that way. If I do it that way, then it’ll turn out this way.”… all in your head.


It will end up like “Wait, what am I living for?”


Because you can make prognostications(you think you can), that kind of life actually is not interesting at all. No matter how long you live, it’s all the same. You would be saying you don’t want to die at the age of 90.


That’s simply because you postponed everything by spinning in the air instead of making an action. Postponing everything and feeling like there is something next… well, there is death left.


It superficially looks admirable to live in a forward-looking manner but there is actually a big hole.


Is life only about thinking?


That’s what I mean.

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