There Is No Need To Worry About Your Own Death

People are often afraid of death. Well not often but always.


But if you think about it carefully, you will find out that you actually don’t need to feel any fear. Because death is always about the second person.


You won’t strike up because you will be dead already. You won’t care about the death of the third person because you don’t know them. So you only care when someone who you know die. You don’t want your family or friends to die. I don’t as well.


Then preparing for things after your own death by yourself sounds ridiculous. You’d better not care about it, it’s all up to those who are still alive. You should concentrate on what you can do while you are alive instead.


As I wrote before, thinking and planning in your head too much is just a waste of time. “Trial and error” would be much better than making prognostications. Ah, I was talking about death…


I just wanted to say “Don’t worry, you can’t worry when you are dead”.




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