We Survive Only By Exploiting Nature

The word “nature lover” always sounds so weird to me. As if it’s some kind of special categorized people. It’s because we are nature itself in the first place. So that we cannot control it as our brain want. Brain is part of our body, it means our brain is nature.


But what it creates: consciousness is not the nature. It cannot be deregulated or random (also called”entropy”). It’s the reason why we still use a dice to make a random choice in this high-tech age. That’s because our consciousness could never make a random decision. It’s always well-ordered.

To get back what I was talking about nature lovers. Way before talking about loving nature or not – as we are the nature itself – we cannot live without nature and at the same time, we cannot live without receiving a benefit from outside nature.


The existence of other people, food, drink, and everything. They are nature. Even when you drive your car, gasoline is from nature. Or the nearest example is like this table or this chair that I’m sitting on now. We cannot survive without the power of nature. That’s us who are so helpless.

I don’t think I even need to mention it but this exploitation from nature by humans is a little too thick now. About how thick it is, I wouldn’t mention it because there are just too many examples.


So what I can say is that we do need to pay our respects to nature. That’s one of the certain truth I have. I don’t care what other people say but it’s just the truth. It’s unmovable.


Since I have been training to not stuck in one specific doctrine and listen to other people’s opinions, I try to be flexible. But I don’t think there somebody exists who can confute me in this. Well, they’d better not or they’ll no longer be a “human” anymore.


I’m not interested in confuting people at all. I simply want people to see it.



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