I Cannot Live Without You

Individualism is widespread worldwide. Individualism means “I don’t care about others as long as I am good”. The result is already present in many of the “troubles” you see every day. “Community” is one of the most effective solutions and it’s based on mutual assistance.


This mutual assistance should be the foundation of the community. I don’t think that self-responsibility and self-determination are good things. Make your own money, make your own meals, do your own repairs, wire your PC yourself, repair your bike yourself, stay in the room and play by yourself, without relying on anyone.


There is a tendency to praise people who are living without being dependent on anyone as “independent human beings”, but I have no idea what’s so fun about living that way. It is not “independent” but “isolated”.


The reason why you have to do with someone when you can do it by yourself, many people might not understand why. They might not understand how the “exchange” is structured and its anthropological fundamental fact.


The original form of “exchange” survives in a play called “Catch Ball”. One throw a ball, and the other one catches the ball and throw it back. This play is the prototype of “exchange”. This exchange creates no value. So for those who believe in economic rationality, this is “complete nonsense” where only energy and time are expended and the ball and glove wear out little by little. But we really enjoy this ball exchange without getting bored.


That’s because we unknowingly know the essence of exchange here. You can’t catch a ball alone. The good sound of the glove of the person who received the ball that I threw and the satisfactory numbness of the palm when I received the ball that he threw. We know that each time we ask for the existence of others and at the same time we are asked to exist by others.


I cannot continue this game without you. Those two are exchanging the message like that up to infinity. At this time, The word “I cannot live without you” is coming and going with the ball. This is a “gift” in the fundamental sense.


We thus bless the existence of others and at the same time meet the guarantors of our existence. The exchange is based on human dignity in a logical form, “I can be here because there is a person who needs my presence in front of me.” The true meaning of exchange lies in such mutual “foundation of existence”, and “content” such as exchanged symbols, products, and goods has only secondary meanings.








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